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Leonore Gordon

I am a poet and poetry has helped me cope first with my late father's 23 years of Parkinson's, and then my own. It has also helped those who read my poems, or hear me read them aloud, to cope with diseases of their own, and their families. It is essentially a part of my therapy. Since my poems first appeared in this "Gallery," I had the joy of discovering that my Movement Disorder neurologist, Dr. Alessandro Di Rocco, shared my love of poetry. He now uses some of my poems to teach his medical students how to understand the experience of Parkinson's. In December, 2007, as part of the kick-off program of "NYU/JCC Parkinson Wellness Center," his new partnership between the NYU Movement Disorder Center and the Jewish Community Center in NY, he had me facilitate two workshops featuring a panel which included myself, a photographer with PD, and a dancer/choreographer, entitled, "The Parkinson's Artist." In the 2 workshops, we each discussed the relationship between our disease and our creativity, and I read my poems, Carol Blann showed slides of her beautiful photography, and Fiona Marcotty danced, and showed a DVD of her dance troupe. It was an extraordinary event, and inspired many in our audience to further pursue their own artistic interests. best, Leonore Gordon

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