Presentation of "Managing Our Diminishing Executive Dysfunctions"

Although many of us with early-onset and progressing PD often become disheartened by our fatigue, along with our diminishing capacities to multi-task and generally organize our lives as we once did, we have not lost our imaginations, or our desires to continue to contribute to the world at large.  With a significant number of us forced by PD to retire prematurely from full-time work, some of us shift gears and use our newly freed up time to attend support groups, exercise and dance classes, and to exercise our advocacy muscles to fight for issues we deem important. We often take better care of our health than before our diagnoses, and find ways to support one another. This can mean adaptively adjusting and utilizing our professional and creative skills to our new lives, often in a volunteer or part-time capacity.

I have personally found fascinating, the whole theme of how exactly our diminished executive functions interfere with our daily lives in practical ways. Very few people are discussing this within the PD community, other than lamenting our emerging difficulties in completing complex tasks, organizing our clutter and mail, finding lists we've made, paying bills, and remembering what we said a moment earlier.

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