Thursday, May 12, 2016

Join Us at World Parkinsons Congress in Portland, Oregon, from 9/.20-9/24

Join us in Portland, Oregon for the 4th World Parkinson Congress; September 20-23, 2016

More than 3,500 people from 65 countries will attend the WPC 2016 in Portland, OR to learn about cutting edge science, clinical research and comprehensive care from some of the most renowned health professionals, researchers, and advocates globally. Registration is open NOW!
Look for Travel Grants if necessary.

My Belief: Advocacy Alleviates Apathy Caused by Parkinsons: My Video Submission to World PD Congress 2016 Video Competition

Advocacy and Helping Others Can Be An Antidote to Apathy: My 3-Minute Video made with Myra Kooy

My video is about realizing how advocacy and doing good for your community alleviates the crippling Apathy which often comes with the whole package of PD, and which depression meds don't help.
I was petrified to do it, but because this felt so vital to convey, I pushed past my self consciousness about PD symptoms of speaking too fast, too low, and too garbled when I get very excited to convey something important. 

 This all is all like a dyskinesia of your expressive speech mode, common but exasperating and embarrassing.  

So with my wife Myra as coach, I practiced speaking about what I needed to share into webcam on computer about three times to really assess myself. 
When I realized I didn't look so bad, but just couldn't slow down my speech, I decided to summarize bullet points on paper as I spoke, with my face hidden at points, as a kind of visual translation, with photographs. 

Enjoy! Leonore